I’m not one to hyperbolize.  But this is evil.  Pure evil.  The American President is doing everything that he can to completely abdicate and dismiss American security and sovereignty on the altar of political power.

What else? What other mischief and mayhem is our Dear Leader intending to inflict on us if he’s elected again.

There’s only two options of how President Obama could answer concerns about this statement:

1) He sincerely believes that Americans are just really dumb and can’t possibly recognize the importance of his “flexibility” on affairs of missile defense in Eastern Europe…We’re simply not “nuanced” enough.  Not sophisticated enough.  Only HE and his minions can possibly understand the complex tapestry of international dealings and only HE and his minions can rationalize why we need to give Russia whatever it wants in order to get…nothing in return.

2) He really doesn’t care about American strategic defense capabilities in Eastern Europe at all.  He fundamentally and simply does NOT CARE. He KNOWS it’s madness to give up something for nothing, and knows that he’s going to have to hide his intentions from the voters, because anyone with a brain in their head knows it’s a bad idea.

I’m thinking he’s going to try to rationalize number 1.  He’s going to talk about “winning the future” and the “post American world” (without actually saying the “post-American world”).  Hopefully this is the path he chooses.  Hopefully, he endeavors to insult the American people as stupid to “get it” for the next 9 months.


Pure, Unmitigated Evil

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