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What is it about centrism that makes it attractive to so many people?  If you take a look at the definition below, it’s obvious why it’s so attractive.  Everything about it is attractive, because no tradeoffs are considered, and no logic is explored.  It’s the perfect place to be on the political landscape, because occupying the center is considered in this day and age to be, the most reasonable and respectable place for a person to be.  If both sides are bad, then some combination in the middle makes sense.  Right?  You don’t hear the media condemning centrists.  Do you?

Think about a straight line political continuum.  Note that the left and right reside at the ends of the spectrum, so they are functionally the extreme points, and few want to be at the extremes, because it just sounds bad.  And ‘extreme,’ without any closer scrutiny is always bad to the average person, if you just take the word at face value. A centrist therefor; practically speaking, is above any and all criticism.  They are in the perfect place.

The truth is, that the simple problem with the view of the centrist, is that they presume that there is a center that is logically and philosophically defensible.  Without going further on this point for the moment, consider if there really are only two basic philosophical views in the abstract.  In this case, there’s no such thing as an extreme view that is relative to where the points lie on a continuum.  You just have two choices, and a truly extreme position becomes relative to other factors, which cannot be discerned by looking at geographical positioning on a straight line.  Extreme in the context of political philosophy, must be judged by other factors, and not simply based upon points are graphically depicted on a chart.

Take a look at that definition below.  It has all the good buzzwords enumerated, and just look at how wonderfully it is phrased.  It’s the perfect philosophy, until you scrutinize what is beyond the glowing platitudes, and realize that the whole thing is a giant chimera.  It doesn’t add up, and people need to start figuring out why this is so.

I found this information on the American Centrist Party web site.

“What is a Centrist?
Centrist- n. One who takes a position in the political center. That is the technical definition of a Centrist. One who takes a political position in the center? What is the center? A Centrist is an independent and someone who does not hold themselves to the party politics of the right or left. Being a Centrist allows you to have your politics a la carte, to have the freedom of political thought. A Centrist can support some liberal principles and some conservative principles while having the freedom to disagree with both. A Centrist cares about finding the right workable solution to a problem regardless of whose idea it is or whether it is from the right or the left or from anywhere else.

A Centrist is independent and puts solutions ahead of politics and will push ahead on their own to create effective efficient solutions in service to the American people when others will not work with them. A Centrist values and practices non partisanship but at the same time will stick to the principles of the maximizing citizen choice & responsibility & the public good.
Centrists do not compromise just for compromise sake but work to find common ground to grow from and work with. While a Centrist will honestly try to work with others a Centrist holds strong convictions and will always take a firm but reasonable stand on any issue. There is no hard and fast rule as to what a Centrist is and that is part of the independence of being a Centrist. However, Centrists usually agree on an efficient government, fiscal responsibility and restraint, and freedom of choice on personal issues, and a strong diplomacy and national defense. You can also learn more by checking out our Centrist Media & Literature section. “

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Centrism is Perfect!

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